The Fujifilm X100V in wedding photography

29. December 2021

How can you further optimize or reduce equipment that is already compact?

I take photos with Fujifilm cameras because they offer a great combination of performance, weather protection, image quality and compactness. In addition my two X-T4s are really good hybrid cameras. They have extremely good video functions. When I am booked as a videographer, I can fully concentrate on the video functions.

Fuji has something for everyone. Lenses with a good speed of f2 over f1.4 up to f1.2. Or even a lens with the insane speed of f1.0! There is something for everyone.

I like to use the 50mm f1.0 lens, especially when it comes to couples shooting. A classic portrait focal length and with the luminous intensity of f1.0 it can really cope with any light situation.

But when the important moments (wedding ceremony, couple shooting) move on to the more relaxed part of the wedding, inconspicuousness is one of the keys to unexposed photos and great moments. I always tell you (i.e. you as the bride and groom) that I am practically your “shadow” on the wedding day. So I’m near you but you shouldn’t notice me if possible.

So in order to be even more “undiscovered” during the cozy part of the wedding celebration, you will see me more often with the Fujifilm X100V camera in the coming 2022 season, or maybe not 😉

The Fujifilm X100V is a “premium compact camera” – at least that’s how Fujifilm declares it, which is completely correct and it lives up to its claim. I’ve had this camera longer than my X-T4s; I mainly use it as a private camera.

Briefly about the camera itself: the X100V is the fifth version of the X100 series from Fujifilm. The main feature is the permanently installed 23mm lens (35mm fullframe equivalent) and the design based on rangefinder cameras and the hybrid viewfinder. The design is in retro style and is already legendary at Fuji.

So how does this camera help me to be even more inconspicuous and to capture your great memories? Well, it’s just the size of the camera and the design.

The X100V is very small in size and therefore inconspicuous per se compared to a large full-frame camera or compared to my X-T4 with high-speed fixed focal lengths. Furthermore, the retro design is definitely very helpful, as one is sometimes asked whether it is an analog film camera.

I’m not immediately recognizable as a photographer, I look more like a guest with a small camera. And that’s exactly what enables me to have even more intimate moments on your big day.

But Fujifilm has thought further. The 35mm equivalent to 35mm is not always the right focal length. Therefore there are two converters that change the focal length to 28mm or 50mm without a loss of light intensity or image quality. The converter can be attached / changed very quickly thanks to the screw mechanism.

So I am even able to photograph a complete wedding with just the X100V (including the converters)! So my second backup camera (X-T4, XT-4 and X100V) is even a complete wedding emergency kit.

In the coming season I will therefore increasingly rely on the X100V for the more relaxed part of the wedding (I often use my two X-T4s at the same time for weddings and couples shooting and the X100V cannot yet do that 😉).

Here is a small overview of the extremely compact setup that fits easily into my beloved ONA Bowery bag:

  1. Fujifilm X-T4 with 18mm f1.4
  2. TCL-X100II Teleconverter for 100V for 50mm focal length (KB equivalent)
  3. WCL-X100II wide angle converter for 28mm with the X100V
  4. Small additional flash EF-X20 for the X100V
  5. Fujifilm X100V
  6. ONA Bowery bag