Your advantage of engagement photos & what is a proposal shoot?

4. May 2020

Do you really need engagement photos? A good question.

The answer: Yes and No. It depends, as always… unfortunately 😉.

Of course you can get married without engagement photos and you don’t necessarily need photos of yourself and your partner for the invitation either. You could save the money for professional couple photos. This is basically true and before the budget becomes rather tight, it makes more sense to save the euros and invest in the wedding party, jewelry or dress.  


Engagement photos are a great way for you to remember the engagement later. The excitement of the first steps in planning the wedding, the endless infatuation… all of this radiates from these photos in a special way. This is how you preserve the memory.

Engagement photos are created by a photographer at the so-called engagement shoot (engagement shoot). This is actually a couple shooting that can be booked, for example, to the wedding package of the photographer in addition.

Furthermore, the engagement photos offer a great way to personalize the “save the date” cards or invitation cards. With a photo, the card, otherwise filled with some textual info, is yet again loosened up and spiced up.


Another special option of “engagement shooting” is to have the proposal itself professionally photographed (so this usually goes to you men  ). This is definitely something very very special, because the emotions are unfiltered and directly preserved for eternity! I guarantee you, these will be unique pictures that very few couples have!

The correct term for this is “proposal shooting” (proposal of marriage, colloquially known as “proposal”).

How could such a proposal shooting proceed?

The photographer can be present as an inconspicuous “tourist”, for example, if you make the proposal in a publicly accessible area.

In the restaurant you only have to reserve a table for the photographer; a quick glance is enough and the photographer is ready for action.

It would also be possible for the photographer to wait at an agreed pre-planned location and make himself invisible or hidden and only appear at the right moment.

In any case, the person who commissioned the photographer should immediately explain to the bridegroom / bridegroom that this has been planned and commissioned.