Wedding brunch – a wonderful alternative to the classic procedure

30. April 2020

Just the mere thought of a relaxing, delicious brunch makes many of us think of a relaxing leisurely morning and a smooth transition into a bright light afternoon accompanied by delicious trifles and not everyday foods.

Do you feel it?

If you are thinking about planning your wedding or you are thinking about the right kind of celebration, because the classic wedding celebration does not match your dream of a wedding, then it can be beneficial to think about an early time. You will be pleasantly surprised by the possibilities.

The early time of a brunch can make booking vendors a little easier. It is also quite possible that different prices will apply to wedding service providers, however this is often not the deciding factor. Rather, a brunch reception becomes an opportunity to create a relaxed feeling and atmosphere for guests of all ages.

Two to four hours is a typical duration for a brunch, for example, from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. A stylish brunch can certainly start earlier if needed, and remember that there are countless ways to personalize a sweet coffee bar!


You plan the ceremony and wedding to match the time of the “brunch”, so for example, wedding ceremony in the morning before the wedding brunch. You enjoy the brunch followed by coffee treats (iced coffee, coffee ice cream, coffee toffees, possibly the wedding cake, etc…).

Towards late afternoon or evening, everyone changes to more casual attire and enjoys a relaxed event that evening. Perhaps the evening can be rounded off with a moonlight cruise.

Certainly, an earlier celebration gives you more time with your family and guests who have traveled from afar. It’s also a great way to show off special features or sights of your city. Who says you can’t do anything together on your wedding day (just food for thought).

“Brunch weddings” are not very common in our area but are perfect for brides of all ages. It’s a great new thing to set your celebration apart from everyone else’s big day.

While you may not be planning a party band and endless dancing, you can spice up the festivities with a cocktail bar or simply serve something more than a glass of bubbly or champagne with brunch.

If you’re spending less of your overall budget on entertainment, you can also pay more attention to your choice of service providers (treat yourself to a professional decorator, perhaps a wedding video after all) and decor, such as for table settings, personalized china, more exotic flowers, etc.

A brunch reception is more about the look and feel of the entire event. A brunch reception is personal, is feminine and is distinctively elegant. Depending on the size, many hotels or special restaurants have a lot of options to organize idyllic exclusive brunches.

Then there’s the real heart of it – the wonderful food. Treat yourself and your guests to a delicious selection of egg dishes, pancake or French toast stations, smoked salmon or crab cakes, for example. Pancakes/egg pies filled with vegetables and eggs are always a brunch favorite, as are bite-sized pastries or gourmet fruit-filled pockets. In addition to alcoholic beverages, you’ll always need a selection of coffees and teas, for example, including a light peach tea or other seasonal blend for the summer months – as well as fresh-squeezed juices.

And don’t forget: dream big – maybe a wedding cake made of waffles? The sweet possibilities are endless!